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handpicked and carefully selected pieces of plastic found on beaches, streets and riverbanks


LITTERSET is an art-project that stimulates to play. Apart from handpicked and carefully selected pieces of plastic trash, each LITTERSET contains a unique artwork. The artwork is shown in the booklet and can be put together by the buyer. Information on the location, date and finder is given on front of the package. The pieces of plastic are chosen based on safety, color and shape. The box itself is handmade of poplar wood and acrylic glass.

play build create

The LITTERSET challenges kids and adults to use their imagination. Look at the shapes and colors of the plastic and create animals, plants, cars, monsters and boats. Use the pieces over and over again in new artworks. Or paste your artwork on wood as a sustainable piece of art. Everything is possible! Enjoyment and playfulness are most important. We encourage everyone to expand their LITTERSET by going outside and look for new plastic trash. Being outside and move is good for our health!

plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is a big problem for our planet. The production of plastic increases every year. Much plastic ends up in landfills, oceans and rivers where it harms animals, ecosystems and the health of human beings. Big steps are needed to solve this problem – but we can already take small steps ourselves. You can replace single-use plastic by sustainable goodies or clean your neighborhood. Be creative! Together, all around the world, we can make a difference.

about us

Tom Reijnders and Elza Zijlstra met in 2018. Being respectively an interior architect/designer and a plastic soup artist/workshop-teacher (TrashWorks). they quickly joined forces and invented the LITTERSET. They believe in the power of playfulness and imagination. Working in harmony with nature is one of their key-values. They love to make long walks along beaches, rivers and mountains during which no piece of plastic trash escapes their eye. Tom and Elza presented their LITTERSET for the first time at the Dutch Design Week 2019.

contact & pre-orders


Elza Zijlstra & Tom Reijnders
Schoolstraat 23
5931 PA Tegelen
The Netherlands


Leave your email-address and we keep give you a sign as soon as the LITTERSETs are ready to be sold.

A LITTERSET costs 39,95 euro excl shipping costs. For this amount of euros, you receive a handmade box (by Tom) filled with carefully selected plastic ánd a unique, little, lovely artwork (by Elza).

Special editions

Whenever we feel like it we will offer a special LITTERSET edition. We will create sets for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or World Environment. Maybe we will put together a special set with plastic found during an evening stroll at King’s Day or New Year’s Eve. We would like to have a few sets filled by celebrities. We are also looking forward to create international sets from countries all over the world.